About Steven Glynn

“I tell stories every day but, I’m not an author.”

I purchased my first camera at a second hand store.  When the cheap lens snapped reassuringly onto the camera body I felt a rush of excitement. Since then I've always had a camera by my side. 

The thing that excites me about photography is the uncertainty. Things that will make or break a photographer. Experience, technical know how, and great equipment allow me to break down these challenges and the resulting images are that much more powerful.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" the old saying goes. Much like an author, I shape and craft an experience that is unique for every photo and individual. I tell stories every day but, I'm not an author. I capture real life for real people, I don't have the luxury to change the plot and redirect the story. While I show individuals in a better light the story I tell is authentic — that's where the power of each image comes from. 

I look forward to telling your story.