You're unique, show it with a one of a kind alternative to digital photos!

Tintypes were utilized in the mid 1800's to capture everything from family photos to soldiers of the American Civil War. This method of photography is known for its imperfections and unique character. The process involves sensitizing a large metal plate (hence the name tintype) with silvers which will create an image on the plate once developed in a darkroom. This practice eventually become obsolete with the introduction of film in the early 1900's. Because each plate is hand poured and developed there are never two photos that look alike even of the same subject. 

I put painstaking efforts into learning the process and conserving this amazing historical process so I can keep a little piece of history alive and share it with others. My goal is to document people's stories today with this incredible but mostly forgotten technology. 

If you are interested in an authentic tintype of your own please visit the contact page for rates and to set up a date. 

Lansing, Mi tintype Photography
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